Congratulations to the BrainCoGS team, August, 2023

The Brain CoGS team, a collaboration based at Princeton, UC Davis (Goldman Lab), and MIT, was awarded a Research Program Cooperative Agreement (U19) grant that begins this year. The grant will fund an interdisciplinary research effort to determine how neural computations across brain regions produce working memory and decision-making, two fundamental principles of brain function.

New article in Communications Biology, August, 2023

An oscillatory mechanism for multi-level storage in short-term memory.
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Welcome Shivani Varma, February, 2023

Shivani, a first-year Applied Physics student, joined the Goldman lab as an undergraduate researcher. She is planning on concentrating in Computational Physics and minoring in Math.

New article in Journal of Physiology, July, 2022

Oculomotor plant and neural dynamics suggest gaze control requires integration on distributed timescales.
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New article in Cell Reports, May, 2022

Choice-selective sequences dominate in cortical relative to thalamic inputs to the nucleus accumbens to support reinforcement learning.
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Welcome Aravind Kotikelapudi, May, 2022

Welcome Karim, November, 2020

Karim, a first year Computer Science student, joined the Goldman lab as an undergraduate researcher. He is planning to double major in Cognitive Science, with an emphasis in Neuroscience.
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Congratulations to Rachel, October, 2020

Rachel received her PhD and moved back to Salt Lake City to start a new position as an Associate Bioinformatics Scientist at IDbyDNA, Inc.

Congratulations to Rob, July, 2020

Rob accepted a position as an Assistant Professor of Teaching at Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology
at the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, UC Davis.
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Congratulations to Dr. Goldman, April, 2019

He was appointed to the Joel Kiezer Endowed Chair in Theoretical and Computational Biology
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New article in elife, February, 2019

Unsupervised discovery of temporal sequences in high-dimensional datasets, with applications to neuroscience.
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See you at Society for Neuroscience, November, 2018

Ali Alemi – Click here to see the poster
Jay Bhasin – Click here to see the poster
Emily Mackevicius – Click here to see the poster

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Methods in Computational Neuroscience Summer Course, Marine Biological Laboratory

Dr. Goldman teaches the Methods in Computational Neuroscience (MCN) course at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA. This course introduces students to computational techniques that are used to analyze data and model systems ranging from single membrane channels to the operation of the entire brain.
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Congratulations to Tom, started working at Allen Institute For Brain Science in July, 2018

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NIH Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies® (BRAIN) Initiative in July, 2017

Goldman lab collaborates with Princeton researchers to develop novel statistical analysis and modeling techniques to deal with the increasing size and complexity of datasets in neuroscience.

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