Postdoctoral Positions:

We are currently seeking talented postdoctoral researchers for two projects.

  • Brain-wide mechanism of accumulation of evidence and decision-making: BRAINCoGS
    In collaboration with the Princeton Neuroscience Institute, this multi-investigator project seeks to understand the neural circuit dynamics underlying decision-making by using an “accumulation-of-evidence” tasks in rodents
  • Tuning of oculomotor neural integration by the cerebellum
    In collaboration with the Aksay lab at Weill Medical College of Cornell University and Raymond lab at Stanford University, our laboratory uses the control of eye movements as a model system in which to understand how neural integrators may be tuned.

Please email us at and include a cover letter, curriculum vitae, a brief statement of research interests, and contact information for three references.

A Ph.D. in Neuroscience, Physics, Math, Computer Science or related field is required.

Funding opportunities:

BRAINCoGS: Seven-lab NIH-funded project Click here
Simons Foundation Click here